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Tampa Area Marine Parents Association, Inc. a/k/a T.A.M.P.A., is a civilian organization with 501(c)(3) non-profit status, is not a government agency and is solely supported by the generosity of its members, individuals, corporations and foundations in support and appreciation of our American military men and women.
Federal Tax ID #02-0775646

Please visit our website at www.usmcfamilysupport.org


Tampa Area Marine Parents Association

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T.A.M.P.A./Tampa Area Marine Parents Association was founded in April of 2004 as a support group for families located in the state of Florida who have a family member serving in the United States Marine Corps. Members include Active Duty, Reserves, Retired, Veterans, Wounded Warriors, those in Boot Camp, Poolees in the Delayed Entry Program and family members (Mothers, Fathers, Wives, Husbands, Children, Sisters, Brothers, Grandparents, etc.). We welcome with honor any Gold & Silver Star families. We also provide support to a variety of organizations. We welcome any new members!

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